Ordering WoodMax Doors

Ordering WoodMax Doors
Ordering WoodMax Doors
Ordering WoodMax Doors

Overview of What We’ll Need To Know to Create Your WoodMax Door

Of course the steps in designing your door always start with your ideas. As with any construction project, there are many variables to consider aside from top-of-mind things like color finishes, wood species, and and aesthetic design (the fun stuff). WoodMax will work with you, your contractor, a WoodMax dealer, designer or architect to then fill-in the many specific and important site installation requirements (sizes, materials, etc.).

In the meantime, this page will show you the general design considerations that must be addressed. If you’d like more detail, you can download the door request form we use to help guide production. 

Think of a Base Door Style Configuration

We offer a wide variety of configurations to match your property’s unique style. WoodMax has a long, diverse set of experiences creating custom wood doors. Let us help you focus on the general style of door you’re drawn to. The images just below show a few quick samples of existing single door styles. The good news is that you are not limited in getting exactly what you want. WoodMax can create doors in almost unlimited selections – and your ideas are always welcome. At the bottom of this page is a link to a PDF document that shows these  door style selections.

Door Construction Selections to Consider

Ordering WoodMax Doors

Exterior Wood Selections

Alder | Cedar | Cherry | Fir | Mahogany | Pine | Reclaimed | Walnut | White Oak

Ordering WoodMax Doors

Interior Wood Selections

Alder | Ash | Beech | Birch | Cedar | Cherry | Fir | Mahogany | Maple | Pine | Reclaimed | Red Oak | Walnut | White Oak

Ordering WoodMax Doors

Exterior Door Styles

Any entrance configuration is available, including door only, door with 1 or 2 sidelights, door with transom and sidelight(s), and radius top door and/or transom. All configurations are available pre-hung in matching, solid wood jamb or manufactured to fit into an existing jamb.

Exterior pre-hung doors include: 

  • Solid wood, exterior jamb
  • Wood sill option
  • Any jamb width
  • All brass, heavy duty, ball bearing hinges in a variety of finishes
  • Hydrosill or adjustable aluminum sill in a variety of finishes
  • Complete weather-stripping installed
  • Double rabbeted jamb for storm door configurations
  • Pre-fitting of door into jamb prior to shipping to ensure proper tolerances
  • Pre-machining for all hinges and lockset hardware
Ordering WoodMax Doors

Interior Door Styles

Since WoodMax is a custom manufacturer, we make virtually any and every style of door. Any type of square or arched shape is available. Raised panels, flat panels or plank style panels can be incorporated into your door. Flush doors are also available.

Interior pre-hung doors include:

  • Solid wood, interior jamb
  •  Any jamb width
  • All brass, heavy duty, ball bearing hinges in a variety of finishes
  • Pre-fitting of door into jamb prior to shipping to ensure proper tolerances
  • Pre-machining for all hinges and lockset hardware

Your Ideas Are Welcome!

Ordering WoodMax Doors

WoodMax Door Type PDF

WoodMax Door Profiles

Click to view/download the document: WoodMax Door Types 1-1-2016

WoodMax Door Profile PDF

WoodMax Door Styles 2016 PDF

Click to view/download the document: WoodMax Door Profiles 2016

Ready to Take the Next Step?

You’ve got ideas, a passion to present your property in its best light. Want to add a little “wow” to your welcome? WoodMax can show you how.

Talk with us now; (320) 243-4942. It’s free to discuss your dreams with us. We can answer your questions, add some ideas, streamline the process and help you find qualified people in your area if needed.

If you’re already working with a local dealer, designer, architect or contractor, feel free to download our free Adobe Acrobat document that details what we’ll need to know to construct your custom door. Don’t worry about filling in all the fields and check-offs yourself. We can go over this with you and/or your local professional.

WoodMax Custom Door RFQ Document 1-2016

But first, let’s talk. There’s nothing we like to do more than talk with you about custom wood doors. Give us a call.

Working With Outside Sales Distributors of WoodMax Doors

You always have the option of working with professional firms you trust in your area. WoodMax often coordinates with such companies. If you don’t know any names, we can help direct you to those we know of and have worked with; just give us a call.

Residential Door Distribution Sales

Our residential doors are sold through a network of distributors.  These partners use their sales, service and technical expertise to assist our customers in designing and specifying their doors.  By providing the highest level of customer service, we ensure our customers get exactly what they want – doors that are personalized, unique and extraordinary.  For assistance with finding a distributor near you, please visit our Contact page.

Commercial Doors Distribution Sales

Our commercial doors are sold through a network of distributors and other commercial firms such as one or two step millwork distributors, store fixture manufacturers, hollow metal or hardware distributors and other millwork shops.  Commercial applications vary widely, and include department stores, restaurants, banks, offices, churches, government facilities, medical facilities, and more.

Distinctions Doors Sales

Doors with artwork are sold in both the residential and commercial markets and through the same distribution channels.  Please see Residential Door Distribution Sales or  Commercial Door Distribution Sales, above,  for more information on those distribution channels.

Examples of Commercial Firms WoodMax Has Served

– Neiman Marcus
– Nordstrom’s
– Tommy Bahamas
– Williams Sonoma
– Abercrombie & Fitch
– Macy’s
– Von Maur Department Stores
– Archivers
– Joseph Abboud
– Barnes & Noble
– Hamel State Bank, Hamel, MN
– Graff Jewelers, Las Vegas, NV
– Lutsen Resort, Lutsen, MN
– The Lodge at Brainerd Lakes, Baxter, MN
– Marriott Hotel, Corallville, IA
– Jamestown Basilica, Jamestown, ND
– Church of Seven Dolors, Albany, MN
– Burning Hills Amphitheater, Medora, ND
– Lanesboro Art Center, Lanesboro, MN
– Belk Department Stores